Brava Desktop

Brava! Desktop is a Microsoft Windows–based viewer that makes it easy to view, annotate, redact and publish virtually any type of file. Ideal for individual use and in deployments to small and medium-sized departments, Brava Desktop is available with standalone and network licensing. Multiple format and feature configurations are also available. With millions of installed seats around the world, Brava is more than proven—it's preferred.

Brava saves you money

There’s no need to buy multiple expensive native applications. Brava works with practically any type of file, including PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, CAD drawings, image files and more. Brava is not just a universal viewer—it offers markup tools, comments, discussion threads, dynamic stamps, redaction tools and more. Brava can also transform files from practically any format to PDF, TIFF and IGC’s secure Content Sealed Format (CSF).

Brava increases productivity

Get quick access to the content you need with flexible searches and term-hit highlighting, plus page thumbnails that make it easy to find content in long documents or complex drawings. Collaborate easily with others using comments, document review templates and more to speed up review cycles.

Brava enhances content security

Redaction tools remove sensitive content from documents before they are shared. Brava works with document renditions only, so the original files are never compromised. In addition to saving files in PDF and TIFF, Brava creates secure files in IGC’s proprietary Content Sealed Format (CSF) format, which offers password protection, restricted printing rights, file expiration (time bombing) and more.