Brava Enterprise

Brava! Enterprise collaboration software makes it easy to view, annotate, redact and transform virtually any type of file—including PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, image files, CAD drawings, 3D models and even video clips—all from an intuitive, browser-based interface. Its customizability, scalability and easy-to-use interface make large deployments and rapid adoption a reality in any business environment.

Brava Enterprise is the leading universal viewer among enterprise content management (ECM) customers because of its robust feature set and seamless integrations to ECM systems from providers such as EMC, IBM, OpenText and Microsoft. Brava has been the top viewer choice of EMC Documentum customers for more than 10 years, and it is the premier viewer for OpenText Content Server customers. In addition, Brava is integrated and distributed by leading eDiscovery solution vendors.

Brava saves you money

With Brava, one viewer does it all, saving you from buying and maintaining multiple native software applications for every desktop. And Brava is the only viewer that offers a range of client options, so you have more flexibility to make both your IT department and your users happy.

Brava increases productivity

Quickly access all of your content with one easy-to-use application via your computers, tablets or most mobile phones. And Brava has lots of time-saving features for standard processes, like Changemarks for fast and accurate change requests and approval cycles, Checkview templates for repetitive form reviews, electronic signature templates to immediately apply signature elements and an optional Doc Merge client to combine pages from different documents into a new one. Plus, Brava’s intuitive interface helps you complete tasks with fewer clicks and can be further customized using the API to meet any workflow or business process.

Brava enhances content security

Redaction tools remove sensitive content from documents before they are shared across the enterprise or released to the public. When integrated into ECM solutions, Brava obeys the system’s security model, allowing only authorized users to view, print, transform or comment on documents. Brava works with document renditions only, so the original files are always secure in the repository. In addition to saving files in PDF and TIFF, Brava creates secure files in IGC’s proprietary Content Sealed Format (CSF), which offers password protection, restricted printing rights, file expiration (time bombing) and more.


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